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Do your children believe in Santa Claus, Elf on a Shelf, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy? Well, if they do then you will want to bring The Mommy Dot™ into your home.

My name is Judie (J.M. Dazzles) and when my son Steven was 3 years old, he told me a little white lie. I knew he was not telling me the truth and instead of telling him that his nose was growing like my mom used to do, I told him that I could see a purple dot on his forehead. The "your nose is growing" doesn't work very often because children can see that it is physically not growing but a dot on their foreheads that only mommies can see (sorry daddies) was believable to my son.

I shared this experience with many of my friends and they also used this concept with their children, but of course they could only see their child's dot when they did not tell the truth.

About The Mommy Dot™

Lisa W.

This book is adorable! My almost 8 year old godson, Mackenzie, couldn’t wait to read it, especially after I explained to him how I knew the author! Great story, filled with realistic dialogue, figurative language (loved the idioms and similes), and the cutest illustrations. Mack was blown away that I not only knew the author, but remember when “Sam” was around his age. When he saw a video of the grown up “Sam”, he kept saying “cool!” I can’t wait to see what else J.M. Dazzles has coming up next. Congratulations!

Roselyn M.

I LOVE The Mommy Dot idea immediately and used it the first time my son tried to “hide” something from me when he was 4 years old and from that moment on, he stopped trying to hide his naughty doings since he knew the purple dot would totally tell on him! 😂😅
I totally recommend it for every mom who occasionally might encounter a lie or two... it works! 💜 Thank YOU J.M. Dazzles 😘🙏🏻

Gerry C.

MAGIC! I am a 1st grade teacher and I had a little problem in my 1st grade class about fibbing. Your book came right on time. Shared the story and now I have them all convinced that if they lie I can see a dot in their foreheads. Needless to say, the child apologized almost immediately and started telling the truth, just to take the dot off. LOL!! It works!!!

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